MRPiZ Robot


Open source mobile robot based on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

A robot designed and manufactured by the French company Mace Robotics.

Robot ready to use

Full version with 3 sensors  (VL6180X) + battery


In stock



A Raspberry Pi robot !

The MRPiZ robot is a programmable mobile robot based on a Raspberry Pi Zero-W board. The MRPiZ robot has been designed for education, makers and research.

(version with 3 ToF sensors)

  • Delivered completely assembled,
  • Robot with Raspian Os,
  • Wifi programming,
  • Progamming with Python, C or Java
  • ROS


Included :

  • 1 x MRPiZ robot
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi Zero W board
  • 3 x Time Of Flight sensors (VL6180X)
  •  1 x LiPo battery (18650 – 3.6V)

No included :

  •  micro-sd card for RaspberryPi (minimum 8 Go )


Technical specifications :

Time Of Flight sensors

The robot MRPiZ is equipped with 5 connectors in front allowing to receive 5 sensors of distance ( VL6180X).

MRPiZ robot with sensors



Obstacle avoidance :

  • Python, C and Java API (Open source MIT Licence)
  • Windows, Linux & Mac Os
  • Autonomy: 2 h ( with 2000 mAh)